My name is Anna Koroleva. I was born and have spent the bigger part of my life in the city of Minsk, Belarus. Among her other documents, my mother still keeps my first drawing, the Portrait of a Rabbit, a piece of yellow paper with some expressive squiggles and circles on it.
Then I attended an art studio in our Pioneers' House, a children's art school, the Art College named after A. K. Glebov and finally the Academy of Arts which then was humbly called the Byelorussian State Institute of Theatre and Arts. The actors used to run along the corridors there singing, shouting and dancing thus emancipating themselves, while the artists would move quietly and introversibly along the walls to their studios preferring to sit at their easels and draw instead of studying such subjects as the Scientific History of Materialistic and Philosophical Atheism.
Many years had elapsed and I returned to the Art College as a tutor. However, I got tired of the creative tasks' monotone and the indecent fee.
So, I left the College and became an independent artist. This is my way of life now, and I must admit I do like being an artist that way. I paint, draw, illustrate books and I am happy.

My best wishes, Anna Koroleva

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Koroleva Anna
Was born in Minsk, Belarus. Graduated from Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute. Since 1992 is a professional artist, designer and photographer, who actively participates in art exhibitions and international projects. She is a member of Belarusian Union of Designers. From 1996 to 2000 – teacher of art and design at Minsk Art College. Co-operated with galleries in Belarus ,Germany, Holland, France. Her pictures are in private collections in Belarus, Russia, the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Poland.
Personal exhibitions:
2007 – “From the life of little Princesses”,
Private Gallery of  Natalya Yankovskaya, Minsk, Belarus
“Shy fairy-tiles” Kiev, Ukraine
2006 – “Winter” photo exhibition, Photo House, Minsk, Belarus
2004 – “Dolls House”, Weissling, Germany
2000 – “City plays”, Minsk, Belarus
1994 – “Cruel Things”, Minsk, Belarus
Took part in art exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium.
2007 – “Black door”, restaurant design, Minsk, Belarus
2006 – Charity exhibitions and action, Minsk, Belarus
2004 – “Le Rutmann”, café design, Minsk, Belarus
2003 – “Matrix”, mobile centre design, Minsk, Belarus
2002 – “Forum”, restaurant design, Minsk, Belarus
2000 – “Kiberpank”, vanguard fashion festival, 2 place

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tel.: 375 29 6900962

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